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Rest in Peace Utaks Aka Ben Lucas


I am very sad to inform that last night “Utakz” along with his two siblings expired in a fire accident that broke out in his building. Utakz also known as Benjamin Lucas was known for his artwork and contribution to the Microsoft beta communities. He used to publish articles that used to tell about the things happening inside Microsoft. Ben was involved heavily in the beginnings of AeroXperience, and he will always be remembered for his work as an administrator.

Ben remained strong and kept his faith with God. He always had a good sense of humor and always knew how to cheer us up.

Rest in Peace, Benjamin, Angel, and Quentin, and everyone else whose lives have been lost to this tragic event. May God grant all three of you safe passage to Heaven.


Herald | USA Today | Last Call with his mom

Website Dedicated in memory of Utakz

Utakz’s Own Personal blog


IE7 Final Released

Microsoft has finally released Internet Explorer 7 final to its customers, the company is expected to push the build by automatic updates on 1st November.

Download Links : –

Windows XP SP2 Edition
Windows Server 2003 32-bit Edition
Windows XP & Windows Server 2003 x64 Edition
Windows Server 2003 ia64 Edition

Windows Vista Build 5483

Ok so there has been a bit of confusion lately regarding this build. I will be solving this before i go on about this build.

This build was initially meant for connect testers but for some reason Microsoft scrapped this idea. We come to know of about this because connect testers could request a new key for this build 5483 but this got killed after some time. Microsoft has now released this build to TAP testers but it looks like this build has leaked.

Those keys appear to probably be for the Physical Media Test of 5472. MS were going to send out physical media of 5472 to around 500 US testers to check against bad media burns and they had also specified that new keys would be issued for that test.

Anyways coming back to this build.

The exact build string is 5483.winmain.060720-1900 . This build has been tagged as RC 1 but is actually Pre-RC1.

File Details of the build :-

vista_5483.0.060720-1900_winmain_x86fre_client-LB2CFRE_EN_DVD.iso (2.601.45 MB)

Changes in this build :

  • New Weather gadget has been introduced that just looks mind blowing
  • The DWM angle has been changed again.

More changes will be reported as they are found

Screenshots :

1 | 2 | 3

Also Windows Vista RC1 will be released on 15th Aug 06 and will be available through the CPP .

Windows Vista Build 5466

A New Windows Vista build has been released to the TAP, The Build string is 5466.0.x86fre.vbl_media_ehome.060627-2030. The rating tool has been greatly improved and has been fixed a lot. The build as such has not leaked and as far as i can see it wont even leak to the general public . For screenshots please Visit the link below, I would like to thank for sharing the screenshots. Also the New Theme that was showcased a few days back can now be seen.
screenshots @

Some Good News!! :)

hey people,

I have some good news for you, Even though i tried a lot shifting my blog from wordpress to elite networks, i have found that a regular amount of people still visit this website so from today onwards i will be updating both the blogs regularly, you will find posts over there similar to over here. Hope this makes you happy.


OS X86 10.4.6 Released!!

Looks Like the Much awaited OSX86 10.4.6 has been released on torrents site. People who wanna try this Version on Their pc's can play with this one.

The File Size is 3.85GB.

(Please Dont Mail me about where you Can obtain this Version)

Windows Vista 5361 Build Released.

Looks Like a New Build has been released to TAP testers. The Build is 5361.winmain.060405-1900

Details About The new Release –

This package includes the following :

(Please Note : These builds require a new Produce Key for Builds 5320 and up)

5361 Client Downloads

Vista_5361_32bitFRE_Main_Unstaged_DVD_EN.iso = Build 5361 Client, 32 bit wars, Unstaged

Vista_5361_64bitFRE_Main_Unstaged_DVD_EN.iso = Build 5361 Client, 64 bit wars, Unstaged


5361 Server Downloads

LH_5361_32bitFRE_Main_Unstaged_DVD_EN.iso = Build 5361 Server, 32 bit wars, Unstaged

LH_5361_64bitFRE_Main_Unstaged_DVD_EN.iso = Build 5361 Server, 64 bit wars, Unstaged

LH_5361_IA64bitFRE_Main_Unstaged_DVD_EN.iso = Build 5361 Server, I64 bit DVD, Unstaged

Screenshot of The New Build Can be seen below