Xbox360 Elite Launches in India

Take that Australia!!!

Microsoft India has managed to launch Xbox 360 Elite in India officially. Indians, be ready to shell  a huge sum for the highest sku of Xbox 360.Elite’s gonna cost  Rs 35,000 ie 875$ [USD] . Microsoft has tied up with to sell Elite.


Some good songs..

Yes!! I have taken a vacation which was a long due …but where ever i go my ipod follows me lol so these are some songs that i have recently been listening. Its also been raining in Delhi so the weather is so damn good!!

So you guys cant blame me to be in a good mood more like romantic actually 😛

Coldplay – The Scientist , Coldplay – Gold in the Hills

Everlast – White Trash Beautiful, Everlast – Maybe

Linkin Park – Shadow of The Day, Creed – Dont Stop Dancing

Mithoon – Mausam [ OST The Train], Britney Spears – I am a slave

Akon – I wanna love you, Akon – Pot of Gold , Elton John – Your Song

The Silk Demise – Herroic Chic..

Gonna update this post more since the lappy battery is about to go 😛

Recovered at last

Ok so after going through that comment, it looks like i was suffering from a serious depression. Thank You Mr Anonymous…

I never really showed to a doctor, i just recovered by myself. Though i have not recovered fully, i am still having mood swings which totally blows. Good thing is that i have started listening to music. About two days back i watched this movie called “The Namesake” . The movie needs a lot of deep understanding though, honestly i found it a bit boring lol .

Oh yea, since now i finally feel like writing guys can expect a lot of update. I am thankful to people who continued visiting the blog even though i was away for such a long time.

You guys are great and its because of you that the blog is still running.


I Have Been Robbed

I feel that i have been robbed of my passions/life/thoughts/memory/likes/dislikes/music/internet etc.

The entire brain feels empty, i dont feel like doing anything. I no longer enjoy listening to music or watching movies. The entire soul of mine feels empty as if nothing was ever there in it. I feel so sick of life. This feeling totally sucks. I no longer feel like buying or looking at any new gadget nor feel like reading any new updates on technology. My computer feels boring with internet being just another boring thing. I feel like running away from house, far away from problems,frustrations. I am slowly turning into something different, something strange, someone else totally…more weird..

God knows when i will recover 😦

Hope to be back sooon

and We are Back…

So Ladies and Gentlemen,

I am once again ready to blog. I know i have been away for over a month. The thing is that i needed to solve lots of problems which were there in my personal life. Believe me, they have still not been solved 100%. But yes!! I think i can manage now…

Some Milestone’s …

Total Hits so far ~ 60,000 approx 

Total Comments so far ~ 1000 approx

 Total Posts ~ 117

Total Spam Comments – 1500 approx [Site’s been protected from them that is..]

Also That Seagate contest that i had entered, it seems i have won a runner’s up price which means i will be getting a Seagate Pocket drive which is cool 🙂

Rest in Peace Utaks Aka Ben Lucas


I am very sad to inform that last night “Utakz” along with his two siblings expired in a fire accident that broke out in his building. Utakz also known as Benjamin Lucas was known for his artwork and contribution to the Microsoft beta communities. He used to publish articles that used to tell about the things happening inside Microsoft. Ben was involved heavily in the beginnings of AeroXperience, and he will always be remembered for his work as an administrator.

Ben remained strong and kept his faith with God. He always had a good sense of humor and always knew how to cheer us up.

Rest in Peace, Benjamin, Angel, and Quentin, and everyone else whose lives have been lost to this tragic event. May God grant all three of you safe passage to Heaven.


Herald | USA Today | Last Call with his mom

Website Dedicated in memory of Utakz

Utakz’s Own Personal blog

I need more storage so that…


About 5 years back I had built my first box.It had an Intel Pentium III @ 933Mhz processor , 256 Ram and had 40GB Seagate Harddrive and it used to run Windows Me. My requirement duing that time was quite less so 40GB used to be quite big. Since then I have built two more boxes having different processors, ram, graphics card etc but one thing remained common in all of them. That one thing was my 40GB Seagate Drive. Recently the drive died with it being very old. I will be honest but I saw this coming and luckily I had backed all my 40 GB of data on DVD-R’s. The day the drive died, I ordered another harddrive. It was a Seagate Barracuda 160GB SATA drive.


Fast Forward Today:-

I am running Microsoft Windows Vista Ultimate Edition which I got free as I am an active beta tester. I test more than 20 softwares of Microsoft alone plus softwares from other companies. I have more than 10 different virtual OS installations which are used regularly for testing different softwares for bugs. So my diskspace requirement is quite high. Besides i also use Windows Media Centre with my xbox360 so my pc also records all my tv shows and movies when i am not around. Ofcourse the data is moved regularly with junk being deleted and other content being archived in some part of the hdd. I have more than 20 GB of music which is often streamed to the xbox360 so that I can listen when I am playing games.

I have more than 2000 digital photographs plus about 20 home made videos which consume about 5 GB space.

Orignal DVD’s are also ripped and encoded and are kept in the harddrive so that they can be streamed to any part of the house easily. This Pc also acts as a server hence it stores many db’s too.

This is the breakdown of my 160GB HDD [Only 149GB can be used]


C:\ = The entire drive has been given to Windows Vista, other softwares and game installations.

D:\ = All My photographs, videos and other documents are stored in it.

E:\ = This drive is dedicated to Media Centre for recording any tv/movie/music etc, the data is cycled. I also store my other beta softwares, virtual OS’es etc over there.

With the installation size and the size of the media content increasing rapidly it will only be a matter of time before I run out of diskspace which means I might have to buy a new hard drive. With the requirements of the Operating System increasing rapidly in the near future the entire 160GB harddrive could be dedicated to the Operating System.