Ok so there has been a bit of confusion lately regarding this build. I will be solving this before i go on about this build.

This build was initially meant for connect testers but for some reason Microsoft scrapped this idea. We come to know of about this because connect testers could request a new key for this build 5483 but this got killed after some time. Microsoft has now released this build to TAP testers but it looks like this build has leaked.

Those keys appear to probably be for the Physical Media Test of 5472. MS were going to send out physical media of 5472 to around 500 US testers to check against bad media burns and they had also specified that new keys would be issued for that test.

Anyways coming back to this build.

The exact build string is 5483.winmain.060720-1900 . This build has been tagged as RC 1 but is actually Pre-RC1.

File Details of the build :-

vista_5483.0.060720-1900_winmain_x86fre_client-LB2CFRE_EN_DVD.iso (2.601.45 MB)

Changes in this build :

  • New Weather gadget has been introduced that just looks mind blowing
  • The DWM angle has been changed again.

More changes will be reported as they are found

Screenshots :

1 | 2 | 3

Also Windows Vista RC1 will be released on 15th Aug 06 and will be available through the CPP .