Yes!! I have taken a vacation which was a long due …but where ever i go my ipod follows me lol so these are some songs that i have recently been listening. Its also been raining in Delhi so the weather is so damn good!!

So you guys cant blame me to be in a good mood more like romantic actually 😛

Coldplay – The Scientist , Coldplay – Gold in the Hills

Everlast – White Trash Beautiful, Everlast – Maybe

Linkin Park – Shadow of The Day, Creed – Dont Stop Dancing

Mithoon – Mausam [ OST The Train], Britney Spears – I am a slave

Akon – I wanna love you, Akon – Pot of Gold , Elton John – Your Song

The Silk Demise – Herroic Chic..

Gonna update this post more since the lappy battery is about to go 😛