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XBOX 360 India Launch – Exclusive Information


A Few months back it was decided that Microsoft will finally be selling Xbox 360 in India which came as a surprise to be honest. It was said that Xbox 360 will be launched during the “Diwali” Time which is a big festival in India. The Price of Xbox 360 core box will “Rs 19990” [ 435 US $] and not much was said about the premium box.

Fast Forward Today..

I have some more information regarding Xbox 360’s availability in India like availability of games, Launch date and the exact prices of games and the console.

Xbox 360 Premium Version is gonna cost Rs 25250 [ 548 US $] this includes Shipping and other taxes. This is a Pre-booking offer, The actual price will be Rs 27250 [600 US $]

Coming to the most important part, the games are gonna cost Rs 2510 [US 55$].

The following games can be Pre-ordered:-

1) Project Gotham Racing 3

2) FIFA 2006

3) Kameo

4) Perfect Dark Zero

5) Dead or Alive 4

6) Rockstar-Table Tennis

7) Top Spin 2

8) Elder Scroll : Oblivion [Will be Delayed]

9) Dead Rising [Will be Delayed]

10) Lord of the Rings : Battle for Middle Earth II

11) Burnout Revenge

12) Battlefield 2 : Modern Combat

13) Need for Speed : Most Wanted

14) Fight Night : Round 3

Rest all will be available in the coming months that is October and November. I am kinda surprised that Microsoft has not included Halo 2 in the list
Launch Details:-

“Xbox 360 will be launched in the last week of september 06 most probably after 23rd”

A Launch party will also be held for the formal launch of the product. It will be taking place in Delhi and should be in November 06

Redington India Ltd will be looking after the distribution of Xbox 360 in India. Currently they plan to have Service centre’s/Retail outlets in 7 cities of India which are “Chennai, Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkatta, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Pune“. Now Incase your city is not listed and are wondering where to buy games and other accessories from?? Dont worry for the time being Redington will be hooking you with their partner from whom you can order your game 🙂

Also its not very sure that if Microsoft will be launching Xbox Live in India or not?

So I hope i have covered everything. Incase you need to know anything else just leave a comment and i will try to answer it

~ Prince

Note: I am in no way affiliated with Microsoft or Redington India.
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  • Xbox 360 in India will be PAL and not NTSC U or J
  • Xbox Live will be most probably launching in June 07 [Will be confirming later]

XBOX 360 Launch party is tomorrow that is 23rd September 06 and yes!! I will be there 😉

LinkMy Coverage of the entire event with videos and Pics 🙂


Understanding Vista’s Build numbers

Nick White from the Windows Vista Team blog writes about the process involved when building Windows Vista. He interviews the director of Windows Release Management to find out how all the branching and build numbers works

We were recently able to catch up with Sven Hallauer, Director of Release Management for Windows Vista, to ask him a few questions regarding the build process of Windows Vista. Sven is the master of all Windows builds.

On top of the awesome interview Sven did for us, he also helped us understand the process of incrementing build numbers. In particular, why are we hearing about builds numbers in the 5500’s and at the same time builds in the 5700’s? That’s an awfully big jump in build numbers, so we needed an explanation.

As a preview of the podcast, here’s how the road to Release Candidate 1 works: Sven’s team has set aside a specific range of build numbers to incrementally build toward Windows Vista’s Release Candidate 1 (RC1) milestone; in this case, build numbers ranging from 5400 through 5699. Likewise, numbers beginning with 57XX have been set aside for the RTM (Release-to-Manufacturing) release.

So does this mean that MS is working on builds for RC1 and RTM in parallel? You bet!

Download our interview with Sven in MP3 or WMA formats.

So The only reason i think why Microsoft is doing this is because they plan to introduce new things like startup sounds, bootscreen and a more crisper polished Aero Glass in the RTM

Windows Vista Build 5536.16385

So Today Microsoft finally dropped the new build to the technet testers. This is an interim build and is not RC1. Chances are this build might not have all the candies and stuffs that are planned for RC1. I think the only reason this build was released was because it was a long due to the technet testers. As Such RC1 can still be expected to be released in the 1st week of September 06.

Some Details:

Title Windows Vista 5536-16385 for X86
Release Date 24/08/2006
Size 2,643.33 MB
Version 5536.16385
Category Build

0x45527F10 vista_5536.16385.060821-1900_vista_rc1_x86fre_client-LR1CFRE_EN_DVD.iso

[X64 build has not been released for some reason]

Vista Build 5700

First of all, i am sorry for not writing anything for over a week,

Anyways Coming to the point, Microsoft has began with its Tech-ed 06 in Australia which started today ie 22nd August. Some new interesting things have popped up from this tour. It seems Microsoft previewed “Windows Vista Build 5700” and yes you read it correctly. The Complete build string is “build 5700.winmain.060810-1900″ . We are still not sure about this build, but more news will be coming up soon.

Credits for this information goes to the fine folks @, Here is the thread 🙂

The topic in the thread is slightly misleading, this build is not RC1

Lappy’s gone, some general conclusion..

So Today i sold my laptop, It was a Compaq Presario. I bought the laptop for Rs 55,000 aka 1250 US $. The warranty was over and i wasnt using the laptop that much in the last few months. In General, I m gonna share my experience about Compaq.

First of all when it comes to laptops, stay away from Compaq. They totally suck. In the last 1 year, my speakers were spoilt, my lcd screen had a dead pixel, my touchpad got discoloured totally. So basically i had to get all those parts changed. Last but not the least the hinges of my laptop had started to come out. I am glad i got rid of it. I got 600$ from the selling. I had some great time with the laptop but the laptop clearly wasnt ready for Windows Vista. I mean everything ran well except Aero Glass but still in general i wasnt that happy because i knew it was dying slowly and slowly and after the warranty runs out i might have to spend a lot of money in future.

If someone asks what laptop i will be getting in the near future. I might go for Apple’s Mac book, Toshiba, Dell (Business Class) but i will never recommend Compaq. I am not sure if its the same case with HP.

Anyways, This was my lappy’s configuration:

14.1″ Widescreen
Intel Centrino 1.6 Ghz

768DDR Ram, 60 GB HDD, Bluetooth, Weight – 2.25Kg, Battery – 2 hrs and 30 mins.

Leopard Leaks

I have received a word yesterday that the developer’s preview of OS X Leopard is making its way through the depths of those internet. The “scene” release, called APPLE.MAC.OSX.LEOPARD.V10.5.WWDC.PREVIEW-BETAOSX, is reported to be build 9A241, the same that was handed out at this week’s WWDC.

This is a genuine leak and the OS weighs @ 4.3 GB

From The .nfo


WWDC Preview?
This is a copy of the preview install demonstrated on the 7th of Aug (couple of days ago) at Worldwide Developers Conference. Final is due in spring 2007, apparently, but so far it looks pretty good.

I am a Mac ? :S