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Rest in Peace Utaks Aka Ben Lucas


I am very sad to inform that last night “Utakz” along with his two siblings expired in a fire accident that broke out in his building. Utakz also known as Benjamin Lucas was known for his artwork and contribution to the Microsoft beta communities. He used to publish articles that used to tell about the things happening inside Microsoft. Ben was involved heavily in the beginnings of AeroXperience, and he will always be remembered for his work as an administrator.

Ben remained strong and kept his faith with God. He always had a good sense of humor and always knew how to cheer us up.

Rest in Peace, Benjamin, Angel, and Quentin, and everyone else whose lives have been lost to this tragic event. May God grant all three of you safe passage to Heaven.


Herald | USA Today | Last Call with his mom

Website Dedicated in memory of Utakz

Utakz’s Own Personal blog


A box

Today when i came back from edu, i saw a small box was lying on my bed. Clearly it was delivered by a courier guy. Now usually whenever i get couriers, i get pretty excited especially when i dont know about it in advance. The box was brown in color and indicated that it had come from Microsoft. I got a bit excited thinking that it had come from Microsoft USA bringing me some goodies either from the Windows Vista Team or from some other beta 😉 🙂 . So at once i took out my victorinox and started ripping the box.It was quite painful but i love opening such stuffs 🙂 . The below image will show what was there inside the box. I love freebies but then who doesnt ? 😛

a box

Now dont be fooled by the box like i was. So yea! i basically got Viva Pinata and Gears of War for free from my Microsoft friend 🙂 Now i have two copies of Gears of War. What i will be doing with the second copy of GoW is upto me 🙂

New Day

 Coming Soon To a Desktop Near You

The Picture of a computer screen provided by Microsoft is expected to become on of the most-viewed images in the world. Once the software giant releases Windows Vista, its new operating system. The OS’ much touted feature, the windows sidebar can be seen on the right side. This could be the biggest flop in the history of Microsoft or maybe the biggest hit.


The Business launch has already taken place yesterday ie 30th November

with the officially copy of Windows Vista for Home consumers to be launched in less than 59 days from today.

Emergence Day in India


its finally here… Yes i am talking about the Emergence Day. For those of you who have still not caught on about what i am talking about, i am talking about Gears of War. Yes!!! It has finally launched in India.

I am gonna pick my copy tomorrow and will enjoy this game. Now i just wish i had a nice LCD TV 😉

I would like to point out that the game launched just after 2 days before it had a UK launch. So we can see that Microsoft India is really working very hard for the indian gamers.

Windows Vista RTM for Free

ok so here is a deal, if you were an active Windows Vista technet tester meaning you filed bugs, Microsoft is giving out a free copy of Windows Vista to you.Testers can select if they want Windows Vista Ultimate Edition or Vista Enterprise Edition.

After hearing this, i am totally impressed by Microsoft’s Marketing Division. If they give out free copies of Windows Vista they just lose out a quarter million dollars but its a very cool way of advertising their product.  So i guess all those nights when i used to sit with Windows Vista running it on my slow a$$ machine and filing bugs have been fruitful. This also motivates testers to continue beta testing.

Very Cool Microsoft 🙂

Love you…

~ Prince

IE7 Final Released

Microsoft has finally released Internet Explorer 7 final to its customers, the company is expected to push the build by automatic updates on 1st November.

Download Links : –

Windows XP SP2 Edition
Windows Server 2003 32-bit Edition
Windows XP & Windows Server 2003 x64 Edition
Windows Server 2003 ia64 Edition

Xbox 360 India launch

So yea

right now i am in Delhi, and tomorrow will be a big day. Tomorrow Microsoft will be launching the console ie Xbox 360 and there will be lots of fun. Euphoria and DJ Aqeel will be performing and there will be other stuffs too. I will be covering the entire event for Aeroxp and my blog. Peter Moore will also be there 😉 🙂 and will be briefing the media about the xbox. Many other Microsoft officials will be there too.By the way for those who are wondering about what kind of pass i have, i am having a presspass as well as a normal invite for the event, tomorrow sure will be a fun day. Expect lots of pictures, videos etc.

By the way i have pre-ordered Xbox 360 Premium along with Project Gotham Racing 3 for myself so i am assuming that the console should be shipped by next week 😉

~ Prince