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Wmp 11 in Windows Xp..

These were posted in a network a few minutes back, Windows Media Player 11 in Windows XP

Screenshot 1

Screenshot 2

Screenshot 3

Dont Mail me about "where you can obtain a copy" of wmp 11 for Windows XP,
The Screenshots were posted from someplace else, The Desktop shown is not mine.

Update – A lot of people have asked me for a source, since it doesnt really matter to me so here you go and who posted them?? its for you to find 😉

Source :


Encarta Math Beta Program

I got an invitation from Microsoft asking me to Participate in Encarta Math Beta Program. I got an Invitation code that I was suppose to enter at Microsoft Connect Website. upon entering the Invitation code I got a small form (compared to Other Beta's forms) which i finished in no time. My Status for This Beta has been set to "pending" which is quite strange. Usually If Microsoft is sending you an invitation its always sure that you are there in the Beta. In any case I am happy I got the Invitation. More News about this Program will be posted soon 🙂

See  Microsoft Connect

Random news from my life..

Here are some stuffs from my life :

Microsoft has selected me for Windows Live OneCare Perpetual Beta.

I can Finally see That the Summers are coming. These days the temperature is hanging around 38"C – 41"C, so its just too hot to get out of the house.

Xbox has been more delayed for me for some reason

I am going on a vacation from 9th May to 19th May. So I hope to enjoy with my cuzins.

These days I am totally bored and have nothing to do. My day hangs around between Internet – Food – Television and thats it

I might be going to a Hostel which is located in Bangalore :/

and the Winner is – Xbox :)

Alrite fellows after speaking to many people, I have finally decided to buy an Xbox.Please note that I am getting an Xbox and not Xbox 360. Xbox is Gonna cost me 11K Rs which is about 240 US$$. I have already started collecting Games and Applications for it. These are the Games that I have got so far :

Far cry
Call of Duty 2

I would like to thank people who have helped me in obtaining these games. More Games will be coming up soon.

Another thing, I have not acquired the Xbox till now due to Short supply, but in the next 2 weeks i am hoping that i have the Xbox. Lets hope that i get it….

also I am sure People would be cursing me on why i didnt go for an Xbox 360, The reason is simple its too expensive for me to afford it, besides Xbox 360 is being smuggled from Japan so its all in Japanese

Longhorn Server in 2nd Half of 2007!!

The next Longhorn server beta is due "shortly" but the final product won't ship until the second half of 2007. During his keynote at the Microsoft Management Summit 2006, Bob Muglia, senior vice president of servers and tools at Microsoft, told the audience that the next major Windows server upgrade, code named Longhorn and informally referred to as the Vista server, will likely ship during the second half of 2007.

The company has said it would ship in 2007 but did not provide this guidance in the past. The company is expected to release the next "near feature complete" beta in the very near future, Muglia said, and will release the next major server beta that incorporates all necessary Vista client changes this fall.

This is one server that i am looking forward for

More at Source

More WGA???

Microsoft announced that on Tuesday it will make Windows Genuine Advantage (WGA) more bothersome than ever. A new update for WGA is now on the Windows Update website as a mandatory update. Once installed, your copy of Windows will be checked for validity. If your Windows installation is found not to be genuine, Windows will display a message telling you that “This copy of Windows is not genuine.” Windows will check and display messages on every boot as well as once an hour (or so). The new WGA tool also puts an icon in your system tray if your copy of Windows is not genuine.

Once notified and prompted to validate your copy of Windows, you will have 14 days to do so. If after 14 days you do not comply, you will not be able to download updates from the Windows Update website. Critical security updates will still be available via the Automatic Update built into Windows.

What’s Everyone Looking At?

The latest teaser is provided by Samsung and their What's Everyone Looking At? campaign. There is a countdown clock until noon Eastern Time on April 24th, at which point the next hint (or actual product announcement) is expected.

This is clearly an origami kind of advertisement, the website is really interesting but mind you this site was not designed for Dial up people, Its very heavy but worth a look.

Link – What's Everyone Looking At

My Guesses are :
some kinda UMPC
Personal Media Centre
LCD or some Big Giant Screen

Lets wait and watch….