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Microsoft Office 2007 Delayed

Microsoft said on Thursday that it is making another slight delay tothe planned arrival time for Office 2007. The update had been expectedto arrive for volume license customers in October and have a mainstreamlaunch in January.

Now Microsoft said it will be finished by the end of the calendar year and made broadly available sometime early next year.

“Based on internal testing and the beta 2 feedback aroundproduct performance, we are revising our development schedule todeliver the 2007 system release by the end of year 2006, with broadgeneral availability in early 2007,” a Microsoft representative said inan e-mail. “Feedback on quality and performance will ultimatelydetermine the exact dates.”

Microsoft said earlier Thursday that it had nearly reached itsself-imposed limit for testers of the current Windows Vista beta, withplans to stop allowing new downloads after Friday. In addition to thepublicly available beta 2 version of Office, Microsoft this week made available a Web-based test version of the software.



Windows Vista Build 5456

Microsoft has released a new build to the beta testers. The Build is 5456 and is an interim build. This build will not be available to the Public. This buld can also be stated as Pre RC1.

vista_5456.5.060620-1700_winmain_x64fre_client-LB2CxFRE_EN_DVD.iso, 3,356.9 MB

vista_5456.5.060620-1700_winmain_idx03_x86fre_client-LB2CFRE_EN_DVD.iso, 2,572.91 MB

The Build has lots of improvement over the previous Beta 2. In This Build Microsoft has introduced new Cursors For Users. List view is finally back in Windows Vista also Please note that Xbox 360 doesnt work with this build. Windows Collaboration is now known as Windows Meeting space.

Vector Glass can still not be seen in this build, Personally this will be revealed only in RC’s or maybe RTM. Another good thing in this build is that UAC has now been improved and is not that bothering like it was in the previous builds.

Screenshots and Reviews coming soon 🙂

Vista Premium Requirements Detailed.

Microsoft  has detailed specifications related to Vista Basic and Premium this week, stating that in order for a PC to be "Vista Ready", all requirements must be met.

"To qualify for a basic system logo, the devices of a basic system that includes embedded or add-in devices must comply with the basic requirements (if a logo program exists for the device categories)," Microsoft explained.

"Likewise, to qualify for a premium system logo, the devices of a premium system that includes embedded or add-in devices must comply with the premium requirements for the device category."

Those wishing to qualify now for the program must meet the following standards effective immediately: high-definition audio and DirectX 3D 9 support, one or more digital outputs for video adapters, Ethernet and/or Wi-Fi support, USB 2.0 support, and system resume times of two seconds or less from the "standby" state

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Windows Live Messenger 8 : Preview Site

Check This out, It looks totally cool. This shows that Y integration is coming to Windows Live messenger 8


1 , 2 , 3 

More news about this coming soon 😉 

Xbox 360 Can Now be Pre-Ordered by Indians

wow, I am so happy the way things are going, We will be having Xbox 360 in India before November 06. 🙂 Microsoft has started taking pre-orders for its Xbox 360 Console. The offer goes like this, If you pre-order now, you will get

  • Xbox 360 Core System Special Edition
  • Custom Built Special Limited Edition Face plate
  • EA Sports – FiFa World Cup 2006 Game
  • Two Special Edition Adidas “Fifa Woldcup Tshirts”
  • One Special Adition Adidas “Fifa Worldcup Cap”

The Entire bundle comes for about Rs 19,990[ approx US 455$] Excluding 4% VAT and other Taxes. Oh yea with your Xbox 360 you get an invite for Xbox 360 Launch Party in India which will be taking place in Delhi. If you pre-order you also get a 10% off on the inaugral price. For More information regarding how one can pre-order the xbox please visit Xbox India website. Or you can Sms X360 to 8243 from your cellphones. As of now no information can be obtained about Xbox 360 Premium Edition and if there are any discounts on it or any other offers, also nothing has been stated about Xbox Live. More news about This will be coming up soon on my blog.

Xbox Live anywhere Pictures


These Shots are from the BREW 2006 conference (Wireless Tech) from Qualcomm. They will include Live Anywhere Extensions in their BREW technology which is used by over 69 Providers. Can't wait to see all the features over all plattforms. I hope Microsoft will provide an open API so websites can include features in their sites too.

More Pictures  @ Team-xbox 

How to get a ID

How to get a ID

1. Go to register an passport account with a NON-HOTMAIL/MSN email address
2. Sign in to with your passport that you just registered.
3. Paste into address bar.
4. Edit your registered information, input your birthday (18+) and change your Country/Region to 'United States'.
5. Paste to address bar, then your can change your passport to