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A bit of Problem for Xbox 360 Premium users in India

I have recently discovered that the Xbox 360 Premium edition which is being sold in India doesnt come with “Component HD AV Cable“. On the xbox website it clearly states that the Xbox 360 Premium should be coming with the HD Cable which basically if bought seprately costs about Rs 1830 = US $42approx. This is kinda strange. When i Got my Xbox 360 Premium [Mine was a Pre-order] a seprate box carried the HD Cable which was totally sealed like the one available in the shops. Inside the box i had the AV Cable. I have contacted Microsoft about this issue, i will update it as soon as i get an e-mail from them

~ Prince

Link – Xbox website


Xbox 360 India launch Coverage

So I will be trying to cover everything from the launch party and gradually will be updating this post.

The launch party took place at Ansal Plaza in Delhi. The event started at 5:45 pm and i managed to reach at 5:30 pm, blame it on Delhi’s terrible traffic. DJ Aqeel was playing the music on the stage as the entire thing was being set. I could spot Peter Moore and a few more people from Microsoft, DJ Aqeel was taking requests from people and he was playing them. Vip and Media people had a place where they could sit where as the others who had an ordinary invitation were standing at the back.

DJ Aqeel played the music for an almost an hour and then MTv VJ Cyrus took over the event talking about xbox 360 and poking fun here and there.

Country Manager, Mohit Anand had been invited on the stage about Xbox and its launch, after that Peter Moore came on the stage, he spoke generally about Xbox 360 and why it is being launched in India.

Yuvraj Singh and Akshay Kumar are the brand ambasaddors for Xbox 360 in India. Akshay Kumar had made a stunning entrance. Yuvraj Singh was not there for the event but he delivered his message through video. Xbox 360’s India advertisement was revealed which has been recorded by me :). Microsoft will be launching a game for indians called Yuvraj Singh Cricket. After Akshay Kumar had exited the program, it was time for famous indian band Euphoria to perform.They performed for almost 2 hours +, before their performance Peter Moore had exited the program. However other Microsoft officials and other people from media like me were there. Euphoria’s performance was awesome and they rocked the entire event.

MTv had done a great job of hosting the entire show. I got chance to speak to Peter Moore and i asked him about Halo 3 since he didnt utter a word about it when he was mentioning upcoming games like Gears of war, Viva Pinata etc etc . Here is how it all went:

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Microsoft drops another build to the testers

So today Microsoft has released another build to techbeta testers. The build is 5728-16387 and the details are given below :

vista_5728.16387.060917-1430_x86fre_client-LRMCFRE_EN_DVD.iso, 2,622.25 MB

vista_5728.16387.060917-1430_x64fre_client-LRMCxFRE_EN_DVD.iso, 3,628.64 MB

The build is basically from RTM branch so you can expect a lot bug fixes and improvement but dont expect anything like new interface or goodies because those will be coming only in the RTM build.


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Shots by Paul Thurott

Download:-(for Public)

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Xbox 360 India launch

So yea

right now i am in Delhi, and tomorrow will be a big day. Tomorrow Microsoft will be launching the console ie Xbox 360 and there will be lots of fun. Euphoria and DJ Aqeel will be performing and there will be other stuffs too. I will be covering the entire event for Aeroxp and my blog. Peter Moore will also be there 😉 🙂 and will be briefing the media about the xbox. Many other Microsoft officials will be there too.By the way for those who are wondering about what kind of pass i have, i am having a presspass as well as a normal invite for the event, tomorrow sure will be a fun day. Expect lots of pictures, videos etc.

By the way i have pre-ordered Xbox 360 Premium along with Project Gotham Racing 3 for myself so i am assuming that the console should be shipped by next week 😉

~ Prince

A bit busy

Hi Guys,

Its been a while since i have made a post on my blog. I thought i would let you guys know why i wasnt able to post stuffs. About a week back i met with an accident. So i ended up cutting a vein of one of my right hand’s finger. So i got 7 stiches and was asked to rest completely and not to even attempt to write or type. It was extremely painful.

In These coming days i will re-start posting and this blog will be updated more often from tomorrow onwards.


~ Prince

Apple Releases iTunes 7

Today Apple Computers have released iTunes 7 For Pc and Mac. iTunes 7 was revealed during Steve Job’s keynote. The interface is almost same but is a bit more tidier and cleaner compared to the previous versions. The iTunes store now features Movies. Movies will be of near DVD quality having a resolution of 640X480 with dolby surround sound. Usage right will be same as the tv shows.Parental controls will be extended to include MPAA ratings.

DownloadiTunes 7

Screenshots from engadget

Bungie Does “Halo” novel

Its always fun when Bungie comes out with something new, this time its the “Halo” novel, check out the covers and read more at the source 😉

The front cover is very much final, but the back cover will be changing for sure.

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