A few months back Xbox 360 was launched in India. Thanks to Microsoft, India can now be officially considered as a gaming zone too. With Microsoft introducing their console in a place like India, chances are that Sony and Nintendo might follow soon. In August i had made a blog post offering some exclusive details about xbox360 that would help my fellow indians. This was a big success with the blog post alone having more than 10,000 hits and still. A few members including me tried helping people but we still needed a better place. Xbox India forums became this place but soon it just became a drab place with too many rules and injustice.

Today it gives me a great honour to introduce to a website which is run by the Indian gamers and primary aims at Xbox 360. This is the forum where xbox360 owners (Indians) discuss their problems, guides, gaming strategies and other things. The forum is barely 1 month old and already boasts of more than 150 members having more than 2700 posts. While the name of the website might make you feel that its only about xbox360 but you are free to discuss about anything including PS3, Wii and yes!! you can also bitch about Microsoft India ;). 

I highly recommend this website.

~ Prince

Visit the website @ 360indians.com