Today when i came back from edu, i saw a small box was lying on my bed. Clearly it was delivered by a courier guy. Now usually whenever i get couriers, i get pretty excited especially when i dont know about it in advance. The box was brown in color and indicated that it had come from Microsoft. I got a bit excited thinking that it had come from Microsoft USA bringing me some goodies either from the Windows Vista Team or from some other beta 😉 🙂 . So at once i took out my victorinox and started ripping the box.It was quite painful but i love opening such stuffs 🙂 . The below image will show what was there inside the box. I love freebies but then who doesnt ? 😛

a box

Now dont be fooled by the box like i was. So yea! i basically got Viva Pinata and Gears of War for free from my Microsoft friend 🙂 Now i have two copies of Gears of War. What i will be doing with the second copy of GoW is upto me 🙂