So Today my sources have informed me that Windows Vista RTM has leaked. Its slowly making its way from the large tubes of internet to the computer users.

The Release is “Microsoft.Windows.Vista.Final-BillGates

Just so you guys know, the key bundled with that release expires within 30 days.

Please dont ask about where Vista can be downloaded/obtained or anything about cracks or warez. I dont support any of the above things.

Facts About RTM

By the way dont expect a new bootscreen in this build, Desktop Motion is also not there as it will come in January as an Ultimate Extra

This build has numerous improvements and also has a few new wallpapers. No Cherry Blossom Wallpaper.

Windows Vista RTM build should be available to MSDN subscribers by 17th November 2006 onwards.

On The side note, Microsoft Office 2007 has leaked too