So its 7th of November and its my birthday.  I had a pretty shit day to be honest, on the eve of my birthday my computer died, so right now i am sitting in a cafe trying to type.  Right now i have my exams going on so i feel a bit shitty.

Inspite of all this shit happening me and friend managed to drink Vodka last night so it was fun. I still havent got my b’day gift but its either gonna be a 26″ LCD TV by Samsung or a new computer. I have still not decided on what to go for, if i go for the TV i will need to wait as much as 6 months for a new Pc. So lets see how things work out.

On The Off-side since its my b’day, my source has given me a nice document which speaks about Xbox 360 in India, its by Microsoft and also shows the future plans on what games, prices of consoles and the various ways they plan  to introduce xbox 360 in India. I will be revealing this information bit by bit 😉

For now Cafe is my place for blogging and chatting, for all of you guys waiting for me to turn up you might have to wait a bit longer till i sort out of my computer problem 😉


~ Prince