Today is 16th October 2006 and Xbox 360 was launched in India on 23rd September 2006. After coming back from the launch party which took place in Delhi i decided to slow down a bit on Xbox 360 on my blog, because i really didnt know what to post about it. I mean i gave all the important  information about the Xbox 360’s India launch almost a month before it was launched in India. I also covered the entire event with a few videos and pictures. So One day i came across Xbox 360 India forums, these forums are basically official forums run by Microsoft and are headed by MVP’s and not “Microsoft employees“. So i started to participate in them on and off, sharing my experiences with the console, helping others in the best way i could. Now Apparently the launch of Xbox 360 didnt go very smoothly as everyone thought it would. They pulled a great party but didnt do well in the market. One of their biggest problems was “Games”. Due to some reason they havent been able to deliver the games to the consumers as some of you might be familiar,

so anyways back to Xbox 360 forums,

so it seems a few people like “Ashish4life” and a few others have made a major issue about it. Now and then they are always going about emailing Mr Mohit Anand about the games and in reply Mr Mohit responds that games will be coming soon and in one instance he even replied back saying that the games have started coming . So now and then people are ranting and complaining, calling and emailing Mr Mohit with such petty issues. Such people are just spoiling the name of India on these international forums. I will be honest but i have always gone forward with supporting Microsoft on the forums. One instance it was seen that some idiot also asked for Peter Moore’s email address so that he could take up the games issues. [ Peter Moore’s email address  @ Gamespot ] . Such kind of things make me sad as it really blows India’s reputation. I maybe Australian but i am an indian too. Its a real sad situation over there, they treat Mohit Anand as if he’s in some ordinary .

So I will rate the forums as 1/10 , seriously its not worth going over there at all. Its just waste of time seeing people saying that they will sue Microsoft because they are not releasing games. Oh btw there are people like “Alive4” who run some kind of website about xbox 360 who basically rip information from other places and then dont even source them and then they try getting traffic to thier place by posting information on the forums which is totally bullshit. These are just one or two instances that i am pointing out, there are loads..

I am under “lastavenger” over there…

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