Alan Wake is a new title that will be exclusive for Windows Vista and Xbox 360. Its a Psychological Action thriller game that will be launched in 2007. The Game was first previewed in E3 2006 but not a lot was known about it. Check the video below where Alan Wake is demoed on a pc having Intel Quad Core processor running at 3.73Ghz [Not Overclocked] and Nvidia 7900 GTX.

Over all the graphics are simply amazing and it simply shows how the game can take advantage of all the 4 cores. Its been made clear that this game cannot run on a single core since 1 core will be needed for physics and 2nd core for streaming the game.

One Good news is that this game is gonna be coming out for Xbox 360 too šŸ˜‰ šŸ™‚

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LinkAlan Wake’s Official website