So yea

right now i am in Delhi, and tomorrow will be a big day. Tomorrow Microsoft will be launching the console ie Xbox 360 and there will be lots of fun. Euphoria and DJ Aqeel will be performing and there will be other stuffs too. I will be covering the entire event for Aeroxp and my blog. Peter Moore will also be there 😉 🙂 and will be briefing the media about the xbox. Many other Microsoft officials will be there too.By the way for those who are wondering about what kind of pass i have, i am having a presspass as well as a normal invite for the event, tomorrow sure will be a fun day. Expect lots of pictures, videos etc.

By the way i have pre-ordered Xbox 360 Premium along with Project Gotham Racing 3 for myself so i am assuming that the console should be shipped by next week 😉

~ Prince