So Today i sold my laptop, It was a Compaq Presario. I bought the laptop for Rs 55,000 aka 1250 US $. The warranty was over and i wasnt using the laptop that much in the last few months. In General, I m gonna share my experience about Compaq.

First of all when it comes to laptops, stay away from Compaq. They totally suck. In the last 1 year, my speakers were spoilt, my lcd screen had a dead pixel, my touchpad got discoloured totally. So basically i had to get all those parts changed. Last but not the least the hinges of my laptop had started to come out. I am glad i got rid of it. I got 600$ from the selling. I had some great time with the laptop but the laptop clearly wasnt ready for Windows Vista. I mean everything ran well except Aero Glass but still in general i wasnt that happy because i knew it was dying slowly and slowly and after the warranty runs out i might have to spend a lot of money in future.

If someone asks what laptop i will be getting in the near future. I might go for Apple’s Mac book, Toshiba, Dell (Business Class) but i will never recommend Compaq. I am not sure if its the same case with HP.

Anyways, This was my lappy’s configuration:

14.1″ Widescreen
Intel Centrino 1.6 Ghz

768DDR Ram, 60 GB HDD, Bluetooth, Weight – 2.25Kg, Battery – 2 hrs and 30 mins.