Mac Pro’s Disclosed:

The brand new Mac Pro will be based on Intel’s Xeon chips, also known as Woodcrest. Based on Core 2 microarchitecture. Run at speeds up to 3 GHz and include 4 MB shared L2 cache. 127-bit vector engine that’s even faster than the Veloocity Engine and they are 64bit.The Mac Book Pro’s will be available from today onwards ie 7th Aug 2006.

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OS X Leopard Features:

[Please note i am just writing some of the major features]

In Leopard, there will be a fully native 64-bit Carbon application which is completely 32bit compiatable. This means that you can run 32-bit and 64-bit applicaitons side by side. None are emulated. 64-bit top to bottom.

Time Machine [Backup in Mac] – Something similar to Windows System Restore, but Time machine will be backing up every file and will allow restoring individual file or may be the entire OS and will be also allow to backup the entire Mac to a server, HDD or Optical Disk.

Bootcamp and next gen Front row will be shipping as a part of Leopard

SpacesSpaces is a new way of working on Leopard. This Feature divides the entire Mac screen into the number of applications that the user is working. In the screenshot the user had opened four applications.

Spotlight is gonna be upgraded and can now be used to search across various Mac machines, servers etc

Enhanced Parental Controls, Dashboard, iBooth, iPhoto etc
Leopard will be shipping in the coming Spring.

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Some Screenshots From Leopard :

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