The War has begin. Will it be Xbox 360 or PS3 ? Sony will be releasing its PS3 in November 2006. Both the consoles are packed with goodies and are pretty expensive to be honest. Xbox 360 Comes in Two Flavours :

Xbox 360 Core System and Xbox 360 Premium Edition.

Microsoft’s Xbox 360 has an advantage over Sony’s PS3 because the prices are pretty low compared to PS3, also Xbox 360 offers numerous game titles out of which some are exclusive to Xbox like The Halo series. Offcourse The Loyal Sony Playstation fans would be going with PS3
Below are a few pictures, So I would like to ask the users themselves what do they think about these consoles and which one should be bought ? What advantages/disadvantages they have etc

in the coming days i will be updating this post

Pics taken from @ Paul Thurott’s website