The last few months have been totally amazing for Apple, thanx to the OSX86 project that now people can try Apple OS X Tiger on their Personal computers and can see what the Mac side feels like and decide if they were missing something or not. I too tried OS X86 on my lappy and was very much impressed by it. Another major thing that is attracting users these days towards OSX is Apple’s Bootcamp which allows users to install Microsoft Windows on their mac. I have to admit to the fact that as of now Microsoft’s most hyped Windows ie Windows Vista is not going anywhere. The new builds are not impressing me that much where as Apple’s Leopard has started to interest me a lot. By The way Apple will be previewing Leopard in WWDC which takes place next month. Anyways so in the past couple of days i have started visiting a few Apple Authorised Dealers. I tried iMac 20″ model. It was very impressive to be honest. The screen was huge and was pretty good looking. My main purpose to visit these show rooms was to check out the Indian Prices of Mac and to see what all services, models etc they had. I even tried Mac Book, iSight was pretty exciting rest all was ok.

My Main interest was Apple’s Mac Mini the Intel Core Duo model. To conclude i will say Apple Services in India have definitely improved. The prices of Apple products are quite high compared to the US markets. Indians have to pay almost 200-300 US $$ more than the Americans. I have still not decided if i want to go for a Mac Mini Core Duo model or iMac 17″ model. One of the reason is affordibility and second thing is that i wanna see Leopard and on the same side I want to see Windows Vista’s new builds. At this moment taking any decision is quite difficult. For Now enjoy these pictures of macs that i have collected from various places.

Warning :- The pictures look quite tempting 😛 🙂

Pics @ [ I don’t remem the account so i can’t credit the user ]

I Hope you enjoyed the pictures.

So what do you guys think should my next computer be a Pc running Windows with Media Centre or Apple Mac ?? Feel free to leave an opinion.

~ Prince