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The reasons for Vector Glass never materializing, as explained by Kam, were fairly simple. For one, the current model was fully functional before WPF’s vector tools were ready for deployment. In addition, since WPF won’t be used directly for the window rendering, it would require another “layer of work” for Vector Glass to materialize.

There were other hints that we wouldn’t be seeing Vector Glass appear in Windows Vista as well. Some of which include the fact that the only tiers mentioned at the WinHEC seminar discussing the effects of a 3D accelerated UI were “Aero Glass,” “Aero Standard,” and “Basic.” Ever since a demonstration at WinHEC 2005 showing “Vector Based Graphics,” speculation has been rampant on whether or not the concept would ever make it into the final user interface in Windows Vista. Future information leaks, such as this image from an internal presentation done by ATI late last year.

While Vectorized Glass won’t be making it into Windows Vista, applications developers can still vectorize their user interfaces via the Windows Presentation Foundation, now a part of the third iteration of Microsoft’s .net framework.

Source – AeroXP.net and Kem Vbrat’s blog