Alrite fellows after speaking to many people, I have finally decided to buy an Xbox.Please note that I am getting an Xbox and not Xbox 360. Xbox is Gonna cost me 11K Rs which is about 240 US$$. I have already started collecting Games and Applications for it. These are the Games that I have got so far :

Far cry
Call of Duty 2

I would like to thank people who have helped me in obtaining these games. More Games will be coming up soon.

Another thing, I have not acquired the Xbox till now due to Short supply, but in the next 2 weeks i am hoping that i have the Xbox. Lets hope that i get it….

also I am sure People would be cursing me on why i didnt go for an Xbox 360, The reason is simple its too expensive for me to afford it, besides Xbox 360 is being smuggled from Japan so its all in Japanese