Today i will be sharing out my yet another plan that failed badly. I have been planing to get a new computer from a few months now. I had decided I will get it during my Summer Break ie in May. This would be the best computer that i had used. I even saved up as much as 1200$$ for the new computer but due to un for seen reasons my this plan failed badly too.
but here's the config that i had decided to go with:

19" or 20" Widescreen LCD [Specially For Vista]
1 GB Ram
MSI Diamond
AMDAthlon X2 3800
Nvidia Geforce 6600GT
5.1 Altec Lansing Surround sound system
A real nice looking Case
Hauppage MCE Compiatable TV Tuner card
Microsoft's latest Mce Keyboard and a wireless mouse
DVD Writer [ I still dont own one]

and to top it all I thought I would be testing Windows Vista on it…
But i guess I will be sticking with my old computer for a while now 😦