Looks Like a New Build has been released to TAP testers. The Build is 5361.winmain.060405-1900

Details About The new Release –

This package includes the following :

(Please Note : These builds require a new Produce Key for Builds 5320 and up)

5361 Client Downloads

Vista_5361_32bitFRE_Main_Unstaged_DVD_EN.iso = Build 5361 Client, 32 bit wars, Unstaged

Vista_5361_64bitFRE_Main_Unstaged_DVD_EN.iso = Build 5361 Client, 64 bit wars, Unstaged


5361 Server Downloads

LH_5361_32bitFRE_Main_Unstaged_DVD_EN.iso = Build 5361 Server, 32 bit wars, Unstaged

LH_5361_64bitFRE_Main_Unstaged_DVD_EN.iso = Build 5361 Server, 64 bit wars, Unstaged

LH_5361_IA64bitFRE_Main_Unstaged_DVD_EN.iso = Build 5361 Server, I64 bit DVD, Unstaged

Screenshot of The New Build Can be seen below