A few days Back i was thinking to buy a PSP, but when i started asking various people about these three, I had more People recommending me to go for The XBox.

Now I am really confused, so i have decided to share some Pro's and Cons about these three that i think of..


+ can be carried anywhere easily

+ can be used to play movies, listening to song or to surf the internet

+ i dont have to plan games, i plan to get them from internet 😛

– I can brick the psp if i dont do the firmware properly

– Lots of scratches plus there can be dead pixels on the PSP screen too

– I need to get a mem card too

– Expensive then Xbox and PS2

*Confused if the graphics would be worth comparing it with PS2 or Xbox


+ Definitely it offers the best graphics Out of the three

+ Cheaper than PSP

– Games not available easily besides getting them from internet


+ Cheapest out of the three

+ Games easily available

– New names dont come out for PS2 where as For Xbox some still come out

– Graphics better than PSP but less than Xbox

So Help Me….