I got some more today after refunding the router. So I have decided I will buy a PSP. I checked The PSP today, its looks real nice with a nice big Widescreen LCD. The first thing i did after seeing the PSP was to check its Firmware, luckily its 1.52, so i think i should be good running those hacked games. There was a sad part about the PSP that it had a very low memory 😦

So i will have to buy a 1GB stick so that i can enjoy it

PSP Cost – 11,250Rs (approx = 255$$)

1 GB stick – 2000Rs ( approx = 45$$)

UMD Games (If bought any?)  – Rs2000-4000

Total Cost – Rs 13250 (approx  = 300$$)

If I dont buy a PSP, i might buy another HDD ( 160GB) or save some more and go a 19" or 20" Widescreen but that is if i dont go to a Hostel on which I am not sure

Over all the PSP looked real good, Black in color with a nice interface, mum was impressed too 😛 🙂