waoh!! wat a Day to kick off

Its 1st April 2006,So wishing you guys a Happy April Fool’s Day!! So without wasting my Time I will uncover the AeroXP Drama. I started taking part in AeroXP when i had joined it last year, Though i wasnt that active earlier but in last few months i have made sincere efforts to share around all the news with other members.p>

AeroXP as a forum has grown Real big and is giving a tough competition to some popular forums like neowin.net, JCXP which are basically of the same type. So what about today??

Today when i visited Aeroxp.net, there was This announcement ie “Notice for C&D”, inshort AeroXP was in trouble because of The posting of Sidebar and aurora screensavers which had been backported to Windows XP thanks to Zoronax and my Friend Rafael. So in a few Hours the entire drama unfolded. To be frank i was badly fooled by this announcemebt. I felt that i should do something to help them, so i spoke to a moderator about this, i offered them a channel at my friend’s IRC server ie “C0d3rz” But later i was told that this all was a mere joke and i was not to worry about Aeroxp and i was thanked for my offer.

So i decided not to spoil the fun and allowed the mods to play with their little Joke. In my Opinion they had done a brilliant job, anyways I kept quiet about and didnt spread their little
secret, so after shortly starting a new thread “New Vista build”, I decided to take a short break from Internet and went of to sleep, now when i tried opening AeroXP.net it was very smartly re-directing people to microsoft.com

I couldnt Help laughing on People about this joke, anyways Aeroxp.net is back online so you guys can chill out again 😉