hmm I must say I am using my orignal account from 1999, My contacts included many people althought it was only with "Tasha" that i used to chat a lot and with a few cousins.. Later on when i decided going to yahoo chats and IRC i decided to create a new account so that I could chat annonymously with others but i used that account very sparingly but now its totally changed, I use my orignal account only for checking mails that only from a very very few people and Microsoft mainly…People hardly right to me and wat they send are just forwards 😦

I enjoy my new hotmail account a lot that is (, I chat with loads of people daily whom i just know them through IRC and have never met them in real life but its so much of fun,One day i will meet with some of them who are there on my Msn list……i hardly logon to my orignal account and that only during odd hours…Real life sucks totally, its fun being a part of this internet world where people are not ignorant and treat you good and also know you well … 🙂